Leveraging online activity to improve eCRM ROI.

Email Lifecycle Management

Every day, a wave of emails floods our poor, cluttered inboxes. For brands to be visible in all that chaos, they have to have a crystal clear strategy.

To improve the viability of ATT's email program, we developed a cohesive eCRM strategy which looked at what was working and what needed to be improved. The result was the implementation of new segmentation, email cadence, personalization, creative utilizing responsive design and marketing automation.

Smart thinking that works hard

Clearly, it worked. Conversions increased by 30% in the first year and have since risen by 300%. The emails worked hard, and the creative and production teams worked smart: turnkey solutions and automations reduced hours by 50%.

  • 30%

    Increased conversions by 30% in first year

  • 300%

    Conversions are now 300% higher than when we started

  • 50%

    Turnkey creative and production solutions reduced hours by 50%

The key to email: sweat the small stuff

The solution to any email problem is almost always to get the details right. So we combed through the data, segmented their customers, polished their trigger campaigns and automated their process. It was a lifecycle communication overhaul: a new, clear strategy for targeting subscribers at the right time with the right message, every time.


The act of balancing art and science