Getting Commercial and Industrial customers to do the unthinkable: save money

When the fish in the barrel aren't biting

Convincing a business that they can save money by being more energy efficient seems like a sure thing, right? Well, not quite. PPL Electric Utilities had a government mandate to reduce commercial and industrial kWh usage, but the fish in the barrel weren’t biting.

Money talks

We built a marketing database that was the foundation of our marketing plan, allowing us to indentify the segments with the highest potential and align that with the sectors that would benefit the most financially from energy efficiency improvements. We then targeted them with segment-specific rebates, discounts and tips via direct mail, print, digital and DRTV highlighting local success stories.

A careful, close shave

Quite quickly, we made up shortfalls in goal projections, then slowed the campaign as we neared and achieved the kWh goals. Interestingly enough, we got our best response from good ol' fashioned BRCs — a big surprise in our digital first world.


The act of balancing art and science